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There are many different social media platforms that focus on very different social actions to engage users and promote content. Facebook is a good example of highly engaged communities that are highly opinionated and influenced by other fellow social media users, to contrast, Twitter is a great platform for users to keep updated on the latest news and more factual bits of information and updates from more professional users, businesses, and websites with high quality content. It’s important to combine the usage of these different social platforms in their own unique ways to attract users and followers who show interest in your particular products and services, with relevant content to elevate user interest and engagement.

Proper use of highly diversified social media platforms carry a great advantage in boosting your SEO by building backlinks through relevant searchable content. Many social media users discover new content, businesses, products, and services by searching directly on social media sites. Since major social networks have opted to integrate with major search engines, the same content search for and found on social media, can also become more relevant on major search engines.

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Search Media Profile

Business Social Profile

Your social media profile page, or business page, should be treated as an extension of your website and your brand. Our job is to make sure that your social presence accurately reflects your professional image and promotes your product and services by attracting and engaging users through call to actions, content, and product advertising.

Our social marketing services include, updating your profile images periodically, integrating email signup forms, creating and cultivating user data through surveys, linking your products and services to your social media pages, and more depending on your needs.

Targeting Social Media Users

Every business, product, and/or service has its user base, and in order to target the most opportune user base, we have to take into account certain metrics such as age, gender, income, geographical location, etc… It’s our job to analyse vast amounts user data accumulated on social media networks though these users online interactions and engagement with different types of content, and their interest in products and services relevant to them.

Depending on your business, we can search for industry specific data metrics that may help us target the optimal user base for your advertising materials. Combining these online metrics with your current knowledge of your active client base, we can determine which demographic and geographic data points we need to focus on.

User Data

Social Media platforms have the most diverse users and content tailored to attract those users by means of data mining. By analyzing the data provided to us we can determine which users are worth our time, and advertising dollars.

Demographic User Data

Basic Metrics gathered by most social platforms include age, gender, household income, career, and educational background.

Interest Based Metrics give us a broad perspective of they type of content users are more likely to engage in based on their interests in books, music, movies, tv shows, or activities.

Shopping Metrics can provide insights into a users interest in specific products or services they currently use or may need in the future.

User Engagement can be measured by the number of individuals interested in specific content or products and are more likely to comment and share said content.

Geographic User Data

Social Media platforms, much like the web, is world wide and attracts people from diverse backgrounds that reach across the globe. It's imperative to limit your exposure to your specific business needs and geographical locations in order to decrease wasted advertising dollars spent on unlikely users and consumers for your business.

Location based metrics such as a users country, state, city, and town, help us determine how to distribute your advertising budget appropriately based on locations more likely to benefit from your businesses products and services. Even large conglomerates like Apple and Amazon have to tailor their content and marketing materials to users in different demographics, each culture and geographical location is different and needs a different strategy.

Engage Your Users With Social Media Marketing & Content

Content Creation

Advertising content is a delicate balance of copyright text and attractive graphic design, lucky for you we do both! Content can be curated based on your product and service offerings, furthermore the content must be attractive enough without misleading your target audience, to gain clicks and user engagement that lead to higher rates of conversions.

Analysis and Reporting

Marketing campaigns are only as good as the data collected from them, so every campaign is analyzed on a weekly basis to make informed decisions on changes that need to be made to increase relevant user engagement and click through rates. A click through rate of just 10% of 1,000 users if far more valuable that a click through rate of 1% of 5,000 users, an unbiased perspective is key to utilizing marketing data, otherwise you base your marketing campaigns on the data you’re looking for, rather than the bigger picture the data provides you with.

Social Analytics

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