Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Increase website exposure and boost traffic by advertising directly to search engine users. Search engine marketing allows businesses of all sizes to target key demographic consumers through tightly managed campaigns with limited budgets. It’s been proven over and over again that direct marketing campaigns using Google AdWords or Bing ads networks are far more effective in attracting new users than organic growth, but managing a marketing campaign can also be time consuming, and mistakes can be costly. The key to spending minimal dollars to gain relevant traffic, increase conversions, and increase your return on investment, is simply knowledge of your industry, and an effective marketing campaign strategy to minimize budget waste.

Search Engine Marketing
Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Ads

Organic growth typically means users find your business and products online via social media, backlinking etc., however, this can take time and tremendous effort to build a steady user base. Pay per click advertising allows you to bid on keywords and/or phrases that are commonly searched and highly ranked on search engines to ensure that your advertisement is visible to a massive and growing audience of search engine users. Increase your visibility and search engine rankings for your website quickly and easily by setting up a Google AdWords or Bing Ads account with an affordable monthly budget you control.

Shopping Campaign

Shopping Campaigns

Reach the shoppers who matter most. Increase your eCommerce revenues by appealing directly to search users who may not know who you are, but know what they’re looking for. Give your product a second chance by advertising your products directly on Google and other search partner networks. Set your budget and pay only when shoppers click through to your website or view your local inventory. Your entire online (or offline) inventory is directly linked with a google merchant account to display your products on search engines when users search for a particular product related to, or matching your own.

Market Research We extensively research key market segments relevant to your industry to find optimal keywords and phrases used by search users to find you and your competitors.

Geographics & Demographics Effectively narrowing your geographic targets to increase ROI and decrease dollars spent on demographics outside of your effective marketing radius.

Campaign Ads Using our knowledge of your user base and targeted consumer demographics, we creating ad campaigns that attract a number of different users to determine the most effective campaign strategy.

Creatives Using graphic design in combination with a great ad campaign strategy, we can effectively target the more visual users that like to browse the web and click on ads that they feel may be relevant to them.

Tracking & Reporting Ad campaigns are integrated with your website, linked to a specific landing page to track the progression of a user on your site and increase conversion rates. Weekly reports can help us determine an optimal budget for your campaign, and the most effective ad strategies to boost your traffic.

Search Campaign Management Services

We'll manage your ad campaign, so you can manage your business.

Choose your Ad Network(s)

Google AdWords

  • Search Network Text ads
  • Variable contextual ads
  • Display Network text ads
  • Display Network Banner ads
  • Google Shopping ads

Bing Ads

  • Search Network Text ads
  • Display Network Text ads
  • Display Network Banner ads

Choose your campaign spend budget. Our marketing campaign management services are based on a flat fee per campaign spend budget range; unlike most other companies which charge upwards of 15% of your campaign spend budget to manage your search engine campaigns.

Divide your monthly ad spend budget any way you like, whether it's between multiple platforms or multiple ad campaign types, the goal is to get relevant traffic to your site with a high likelihood of conversions.

Order Now

One Time Account Setup Fee

Your ad campaign account requires expert setup and configuration to properly forward traffic, and integrate tracking with your website

Google Adwords Bing Ads Both Networks
Account Setup Fee $289 $289 $449

Monthly Campaign Management Fee

Monthly Campaign Spend Budget Monthly Management Fee
$500 - $1500 $99
$1501 - $3000 $229
$3001 - $5000 $399
$5001 - $8000 $599
$8001 - $12,000 $899

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