Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Broadcast the latest news, updates, new products and services to the users who matter most, the individuals who take the time to sign up for an email list are typically the same individuals who share the most interest in your business and services, these users should be your top priority.

Email Marketing campaigns help drive returning visitors, greater trust, loyalty, and brand awareness. Encourage loyalty, and repeat customers by building a relationship with past and current consumers, simply sending an email with content that matters to these users can increase consumer sentiment.

Email Marketing
Business Promotion

Grow Your Business

Direct email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than more traditional print advertising services such as mail, flyers, and inserts. One of the key advantages is that users opting in newsletter services have a greater rate of conversion than any other digital marketing services, email marketing is second only to search engine marketing in terms of ROI.

Data & Analytics that show how users interact and respond to your marketing campaigns.

Promote Products & Services by targeting your most valuable users, keeping them informed of your latest offerings.

Stay In Touch with your clients and show them how much you appreciate their loyalty with custom tailored messages.

Send Promotions to current and past customers to increase revenue.

Specify a list of users that you want to focus a specific service or marketing campaign.

Engage & Interact With Your Loyal Customers Through Email Campaigns

Interact With Your Clients Via Email

Transactional Emails allow you to interact with your consumers by sending targeted emails in response to a user's action, such as follow up emails triggered days or even hours after a purchase.

Integrate email marketing lists with many of the major social media networks, eCommerce platforms, and online retailers to grow your email subscriber lists.

Location based user segmentation allows us to track your users locations and campaign interactions so we can further segment your campaigns based on geographics.

A/B Testing allows us to send two different campaigns to segmented subscriber lists, to help us determine the most effective approach to re-engaging your consumers.

Automation of emails sent to clients welcoming them after opting in a newsletter, or perhaps rewarding a customer purchase of a specific product or service with a coupon discounting their next purchase.

Recapture Sales with abandoned cart email automation. Remind your customers who you are and what they’ve left behind, increasing your chances of capturing a sale.

Product Recommendations are tailored to a consumer's shopping habits and previous purchases on your eCommerce site. Bring back your loyal customers with products they may be interested in for their next purchase or visit.

Social Profiles use publicly available social data to help us learn about your subscribers, so we can target the most active influential social subscribers with specialized campaigns.

Email Automation

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