Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing - Google AdWords

Starting from   $99.00 USD

Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing

We manage the advertising, so you can manage your business.

  • Google Adwords(included)

  • Bing Ads

Display Networks include any partner sites or affiliated search engines that display google or bing advertisements in the form of banners or text.

Search Networks display contextual ads in their respective search engines, text can be static or dynamic in nature to reflect a users search query.

Banner Design. We design different sizes of banners to be distributed on the Google and Bing display networks.

Analytics. your google and bing accounts are integrated with your website to track the progress of your ad campaigns, including user clicks, conversions, etc..

Segmentation allows us to create different ads that target specific demographics in different geographical locations to attract users from different backgrounds and interests.

Landing Pages are designed with a focus on a specific service, or product in relation to your ad. This allows us to track a users progress through your website.

eCommerce. AdWords campaigns and advanced eCommerce analytics are integrated with your websites products and fed to Google's merchant services to advertise your products direct to Google search users.

Getting Started is easy

  • Step 1. Choose your marketing platform (google, bing, or both)

  • Step 2. Choose your budget

Fully Managed Service for Online Advertising

Our professionals will do all the work, from setting up your marketing account, to choosing a good campaign strategy (based on your business and products), and consistently monitoring data to optimize and perfect the strategy for increased sales and revenue.

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